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by Gaurav Sethi

Some games you can watch without a single moment, while others have them in spades. Today’s CSK RR match has already been written about by Q, RajaB and Homer here. Some killer moments there.

For me though, it was every time Suresh Raina whacked the ball causing a minor boundary mishap (fielder falling all over himself to please Warne, like one of those filmi chain-heap collapses). Funny bit, looked just as doctored here, totally unbelievable. That’s how hard he was hitting it.

And if you saw Suresh Raina’s interview, and the hunger in those eyes, you’d tell him, you’ve come a long way baby! No smile, job not even half done look.

Play on Suresh. Time the world knew your name.

Suresh Raina's numbers in IPL

1 comment:

straight point said...

if somehow the kind can be talked out to work on his concentration and temperament to look at bigger picture...he has the talent that world will hear about him...consistently...