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Tale of two similar waistlines but different boards

by RajaB

England have announced their 15 for the T20 world cup. Samit Patel has been omitted, yet again his omission has nothing to do with his cricketing abilities. It is all about his bulges, the fitness.

The moment I read this story, I remembered one of our own cricketers who was in action today at Kingsmead, Durban. Mr Ramesh Powar, I am told has a waistline that is 4 sizes more than Samit's. Yet you see him in action in one of the most demanding forms of cricket, T20.

Poor Samit has been advised by the cricket establishment in England to get fitter or else forget cricket.

In Powar's case if he reduces, then everyone might forget him


Gaurav Sethi said...

powar thanks to his girth is on a roll, yet YS bowled him only 1 over today

Q said...

Inzy, Gooch, Powar, Gatting, Leverock, and countless others have played good cricket with pot bellies.. wat the hell is wrong with the England? The guy has talent... pick him!

straight point said...

NC...on sos call from bhajji... :)