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B the moment of the day

by RajaB

It was the first match of the day, but as usual I decided to cud-chew the few fun moments of the match before I decided on this one.

Did we realise that Buchanan outfoxed all of us?

Let me tell you how and why...

While we were wasting time talking about his multi-captain theory, he has quietly discovered & implemented yet another gem.

Did you notice that he played 3 wicket keepers in the 11 today?

Yes, there was McCullum, van Wyk & Saha.

I am told Buchanan is exploring the possibility of having 11 wicketkeepers (who will also be captains) in the team. He would soon implement this idea and revolutionise the brand of cricket KKR play.

He thinks once this brilliant idea is implemented nobody can beat them. You know how?

As a batsman you need a bowler to score your runs, what would you do if you had 11 wicketkeepers and no bowlers?

It would be a walkover!!

What a smart idea coachie...

1 comment:

fake said...

he is not for real