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Tale of two spinners

by Bored Guest

One Spinner moaned “I am being forced to bowl in the power plays with the field up”.

The other one – he doesn’t talk, his bowling does – simply took up cudgels against the most destructive batsman of the tournament in the FIRST over, and what’s more bowled him fair and square.

Who do you wish had retired and stopped playing for India?

by Raj


adverbin said...


Q said...

Well said Raj...

Lets see what Dhoni does now.. Ojha or bhajji?

Maybe Jakati shud also be there.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Be Bhajji till it falls apart. But some of this cribber's so-called articles were baffling - when he blamed the MI batsmen for not scoring enough runs - was that written with SRT's nod. How much leeway does Bhajji get? No matter what, some guys, SRT, Bhajji, and now MSD, seem to have the excuses lined up.

The way they play the media, and the media is there to be played. Again and again Sam!

raj said...

If I were SRT, I'd be wishing I had not lied to Mike Procter to save the O.Weed. SRT should have left Harbhajan to the wolves in 2008 January. Indian Cricket would have been better off - sure they would lost a few test matches thanks to the lack of rearguard batting by this occasional-batsman-part-time-spinner-all-time-dart-thrower. But atlesat the negative air that he exudes could have been banned from Cricket forever. And we could have had the moral upper hand over the Aussies when it comes to on-field behaviour. An Opportunity lost, SRT staking his reputation and losing badly in the episode, and all that for Bhajji to bite the hand that fed him by blaming SRT for his cowardice and inability.