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Raj moment of the Finals

by Bored Guest

Match over. Triumphant arms have been raised. Perfunctory leaping over the captain’s hips has been completed. The lap of honour is in progress. And then you spot the winning captain racing frantically across the turf to a no-name DC administrator, who is running around in a trance. Gilly taps him on his shoulder – but the man is too lost in celebrations to realize. Gilly taps again. No response. Gilly overtakes him, grabs his shoulders and attention, and embraces him triumphantly. Heartwarming moment – Gilly, I have never believed your walker stance, never believed your gentleman image, and you did prove me right with your moaning book, and reprehensible comments on Sachin but on this day, with this gesture, you won me over. All’s forgiven, Gilly. It helps that you took my ‘home’ team Hyderabad to a trophy triumph from the depths of last season. If only you could motivate Laxman the same way you have motivated the other lads, and get him to give us his Indian summer, literally, next year in the IPL, I will tap your shoulder, metaphorically, for a metaphorical embrace just as you did with the DC official yesterday.

by Raj


Q said...

That was some moment Raj.. Gilly kept screaming but the guy just didn't listen and was mast in his lap of honor!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Brilliant Raj, Gilli.

That bit abt VVS, yeah how I'd like that - but does VVS even care, some sight he was in the dugout, looked like was gng abt his morning ablutions

Yeah that i like of VVS, he doesn't act.

raj said...

NC, I guess though I couldnt initiatlly digest it, Gilly was the better choice for captain than VVS. VVS is pretty smart on the field - last year, he made 19 bowling changes in 20 overs in a match - never mind they lost they ran a difficulty match close, but he's quite an innovative thinker but his understated personality, and inability to self-praise means that nobody notices his cricketing brain. However, he lacks the charisma and personality to inspire younger guys, and in hindsight, Gilly wsa the right choice.
Nevertheless, VVS could have been given a few more chances as a batsman. Well, Bilakhia and Teja didnt set Musi on fire, did they?
I think Gilly owes it to us to revive Laxman, and help IPL parade the elegance and natural flow of Laxman, the batsman next year. If variety is the spice of life, then IPL needs the bang-bang of Gillies, ugly dominance of Hayden, measured brilliance of Tendulkar, and classic style of Dravid, as also the emerging beauty of Manish Pandeys, the sheer power nad timing of Yuvraj, butcher's kinfe of Sehwag. Laxman's precise elegance would be a welcome addition to this list. Its not just about win and loss, its also about parading skills. I'm sure Laxman can score an elegant average of 20+ with a striker ate of 110-120. And the Bilakhias and Tejas can be sacrificed atleast for one year in IPL for that. I hope that happens and Laxman signs off succesfulyl next year. Oh, yeah, let me dream atleast - we all know its not going to happen