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The unbelievable world of Ajit Agarkar!

by Gaurav Sethi

Agarkar has now played more games on the trot than the Bangla bloke from across the border has not (approx.) It was an incredible spell of upper middle class bowling v Delhi. His aspiration levels were high, which they usually are when there’s nothing to play for. Agarkar was clearly living in that 100 at Lord’s moment, and why not, there was a match at Lord’s the next day. Agarkar’s spirit usually soars when a game is to be played at Lord’s – it has been proven, even though Agarkar himself is far from a proven fast bowler.

This changes when a test series is on down under, that mellows his mind, and he prefers to duck, for all it’s worth.

But yesterday against Delhi, he was thinking about Adelaide too, a six for, for him, again. But that wicketkeeper captain didn’t back him; he was in front of the wicket, and quite literally got ahead of himself. He dropped a sitter, standing.

Agarkar wept like a woman. But noone saw. How well he hid his face in those hands of his. You have to hand it to him.

But why isn’t he playing for Mumbai Indians? And how dare he snare Sachin’s wicket?

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