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I am Buchanan

by RajaB

Yesterday we saw our favorite team, the apple of every IPL watcher's eye - KKR lose yet another match. It could have been a close affair had KKR managed to take some catches (some at least) and had fielded good enough to save a couple of 10's of runs they leaked.

And so we have two brilliant ideas, to ensure that missed catches and leaked runs don't tilt the balance much, towards the other side.

1) If a fielder has to cover more than 4.5 yards of ground going for a catch, then he should be permitted to take the catch after a bounce (strictly one bounce only for foreign players, for Indians we may consider two bounces)

2) If the fielder covers more than 8.5 yards to field the ball, then only half the runs taken should be counted (E.g) If you run one, then you'll get 0.5 runs. We think this half run phenomenan would revolutionise cricket.

Imagine a team losing a match by half a run !! That day is not too far.


Gaurav Sethi said...

it figures. B is 1/2 man

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Raja : i like..! Suggestion : perhaps with a "per captain" clause ? .e.g.if 4.5 yards under 1 captain , then 1 bounce..etc ?
There can be a whole matrix of Yard x Captains a la DL ..maybe we call it Suckworth Lewis ?