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When Daddy is Away, Who Will Play?

by Q

Shane Warne pulled his hamstring trying to stretch too far to get a hold of that beer from the crowd and now sees himself out of a few matches in the IPL.

He'll be missing atleast 1 match definitely and that too a crucial encounter against the Mumbai Indians.

What happens now?

Who will Munaf Patel look to figure out what kind of delivery to bowl next?

Who will throw the new ball to Yusuf Pathan?

Who will the young Indians run to hug every time a Mumbai wicket falls?

Who will the batsman look to when they collapse like a heap of cards?

Who will Ravindra Jadeja look to for inspiration on the field?

Who will guide the fielders, the bowlers, the defence of a total, the run chase?

The Royals' daddy is going to be away and the kids are going to have a tough time adjusting, despite the abundant leadership experience of their adopted daddy, Graeme Smith.

They say when the cat is away the mice will play.

On Thursday it looks like when Daddy's away, Mumbai will play!


straight point said...

it will be interesting to see will kids have blast...or blast themselves out...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mumbai will play indeed.

Flip side Warne's hasn't been that hot with the ball or the bat - wonder which firang comes in his place - sure will miss Watson now. Could have done with him on one good leg.

Still feel Warne will call a lotta shots from the dugout, be like one of the manic football refs

curious who the RR firang players will be now

Q said...

I wont be surprised to see Warne as animated and vocal from the dug out as he is in the field.

the 4 i would go in with wud be: Smith, Morkel, Carseldine, Harwood.