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Dilip Vengsarkar, You talk a lot!!

by Ankit Poddar

Yesterday, I was reading The Times of India, like I always do, no not advertising!

What caught my eye, was the number of sound bytes Dilip Vengsarkar, the ICC Ambassador it seems, had given to the media!

Sound Byte 1:

'I believe this Indian T20 team will be winners this year in England as well. The team is well composed, and everybody is performing.'


Sound Byte 2:

'I don't agree, with Gary Kirsten, that Indian players will be under mental fatigue.'

Now, Dilipji, I don't either, but for a completely different reason.

Sound Byte 3:

'I had confidence in the side that we had chosen for the T20 World Cup 2007 that they will win us the cup, after the first win against Pakistan.'

Obviously, you hadn't had any confidence when you chose the team, the team of discards or unwanteds, who proved everybody wrong!

Sound Byte 4:

'Sachin, Rahul and other seniors had a lot of say in deciding Dhoni's getting the captaincy. They believed that MSD had the right attitude!'

Now, that is something that wasn't so public before! Obviously, that must make Leela, Amy very proud of Sachin and Rahul. All I would add is, Thank You Sachin!

Sound Byte 5:

' 6UP SMS Game is indeed stooping very low and should be avoided.'

Stooping low and Lalit Modi, Dilipji, kind of go hand in hand. Wouldn't you agree?!

And wouldn't you agree, that Dilip Vengsarkar talks a lot!


straight point said...

ankit...even colonel don't take himself this seriously... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

he must have shoved all that in one of his raving Marathi columns too. I'd forgotten all abt Colonel, wonder if RD has?

Ankit Poddar said...


i am sure he doesn't, by TOI does!

Ankit Poddar said...


Remembering RD's reactions after hitting 50 for BRC, it doesn't seem that RD has forgotten anything!

Yenjie said...

He's turned positively garrulous in retirement, and most of it is rubbish. Ironically, one of the reasons he was not considered captain material while in the team was because he was considered quiet and shy about expressing himself. In hindsight, one has to be thankful to the colonel for keeping his mouth shut during his playing days. God knows what damage he might have caused if he had been as talkative back then.

Ankit Poddar said...


I guess you are right, instead of complaining we should be thankful, for colonel kept his mouth shut, during his playing days!