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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

First match of the T20 world cup

Hosts England playing the Netherlands at Lord's in London

The Dutch sealed a last ball overthrow win. Broad had all three stumps to throw at and win the match for England, but alas he decided to live up to his surname. Yes it was a wildly Broad "over"throw.

The match got over and Nasser Hussain, the host called Paul Collingwood, the England captain to give his views on the loss.

The number of "You know" Paul Collingwood said must have exceeded the number of balls a side gets to play in a T20 game.

It is justifiable why Paul did that "You know" chant, had he known what was happening England might have won.

You know, this shall B the moment of the match, you know !!

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