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Q Moment of T20 WC Match 1: Eng vs NTL

by Q

Boy what a start to the cup!

Not only England, but Pakistan also have a lot of thinking to do.

The moment you ask.

Stuart Broad had 5 of them and James Foster 1.

All in 1 over.

1 final over.

Every single delivery of the final over of the Dutch innings could have been a wicket.

Broad missed 4 run outs and a catch. Foster missed a run out.

Talk about handing the match away.

The English have only themselves to blame.

6 chances and they missed it!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Find it tough to watch the Poms, doubly so in T20. But am i glad i saw that final over.

Now Sunday can't come soon enough, with Pak knocking the hosts out. Surely the IPL will be blamed for that.

Som said...

Broadly speaking, Broad let it go. I think he has not recovered from last Cup's assault. Poor chap.