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Boom Boom Afridi showing ominous signs: Must Open

by K

It's an ominous sign for all other teams. Boom Boom's famous grin is back, so is his swagger. I only wish Pakistan gets its strategy right and makes him open once again. It's a gamble worth taking. Ask any team and you'll know that they fear him the most as an opener. It sends a chill down my spine when I see him opening against India.

But I guess the Pak team management also knows that Afridi is an even bigger JAT than the JATMAN himself and can often lose the plot at the very outset. After all, since Pathans are another fierce martial race they are distant cousins of the Jats, especially in terms of their mindset and thinking pattern (stubborn).

However, I hope sense prevails on Mr. Inteqaal Alam and Mr. Mard of Mardan and they make Afridi open. Also Miss-wah, the best batsman should bat at 4.

Opener Afridi will definitely add some desi tadka to this event, which currently tastes a lot like bland English food (fish n chips, boiled potatoes... etc).


straight point said...

i don't think younis is that daring...

they play with the fear of backlash...look at missbah...hitter at heart playing with the fear of failure...

Q said...

I don't think Afridi should open.. He is a bowler and he should remain one. Pakistan have already played with his career a lot by trying to turn him into a batsman.. he came into the team as a spinner and that record 100 changed his life forever.

He should bat in the lower order. Opening again will screw with his mind, raise peoples unrealistic expectations again, and it won't do much good.

Batting at 6-7 is the best for Afridi.

Misbah should surely be at 4 though.. he needs to be.. I've talked abt that on WP as well.. he needs time to settle and get going..

Younis at 3, Misbah 4, Malik 5.. thats how it should be.. and it is in ODIs so I don't know why theyre changing it around here.