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Come Together

by achettup

Here come old moptop he come grooving up slowly
He got ooh-ooh dartball he one jolly bowler
He got hooks down from his knee
Got to be a striker he just do what he please

He make no moonshine he got toe-jam flickers
He got funky singer he shoot four-fo-four-la
He say "I see ball, I whack ball"
One thing I can tell you is you got to bat free
Come together, right now, over me

He grows seduction he got naughty glovework
He got copter smash shots he one final dasher
He got peeps down below his knee
Scold you for not thinking in final threes
Come together, right now, over me

He ice-cool smoter he got close to winning
He got cheeky top-edge replaced MoYo fielder
He say "four and six and out is cheap"
Got to be at the finish so the win you can see
Come together right now over me

Figured out all four Indo-Pak players who'll be coming together this evening? Take a shot in the comments and find out if you were correct at Bored Quickie! Indo-Pak Live at 10:00 pm IST later tonight... See you there!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! Jatman, MSD, Misbah n rock n roll!

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Ha ha :-) fuc*ing awesome stuff !