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Happy Bored Day Wasim Bhai

by Q

Happy Birthday Wasim Bhai!

Such was his aura that everyone from kid to dad to grand-dad called him Wasim bhai.

The best left arm pacer, if not the best pacer, to grace this planet.

This was the day that he came into this world, which he conquered with his skill and guile.

In Pakistan, we believe that Wasim Akram had the ability to tell a batsman when and how he was going to get him; and he used to!

I reckon that despite going 3 years past 40 today, he can still give most batsmen a torrid time.

Happy Birthday Wasim bhai!


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Happy birhday ! what a bowler ! Btw ran into him at Dubai airport (Marhaba counter) once in 2005 ...he seemed really down to earth - and BIG ! that handshake still hurts ! Chatted nearly 5-10 minutes ...And not only did i not have a camera i left my mobile at home !!! (which incidentally screwed up a lot of things as the people i had come to pick up that only that number to contact me on !)- a good samaritan nearby took our photograph on his phone but never got in touch again to e-mail it ! :-(( Cest la vie ..well , happy birthday Wasim !

Gaurav Sethi said...

If Wasim bhai was wkt keeper, and a bad one at that, he would be called Wasim bye. And if he were an extra, he'd be Wasim legbye.

bye for now

Bhaskar Khaund said...

As it turned out another wktkeeper before that had already staked his "turn" = Wasim "Bari"...
BTW , If the pak intra-team politics prevailing during Wasim A's heyday had its way, it would have been Wasim ByeBye...

Q said...

Thats some story Bhaskar!