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by bored cricket crazy indians

The Indo-Pak story is a long one and probably requires a book or ten to cover what went wrong between the brothers separated at birth.

I'm not going to talk about all the ills here, and am going to keep it as short as I can.

Despite the turbulent history of the two neighbours, there has always been one ray of shining hope that has without fail brought India and Pakistan together. That ray has been Cricket!

Yes sir, our cricket, the sport we love, has for a long time been a binding force for the two nations. While Governments have warred; the cricket boards, players, and fans have continued to enjoy a healthy relationship.

Till now that is.

Today we stand at a point where not only our Governments are clashing, but our cricket boards are as well. In the history of the Indo Pak relations, this is probably a first.

This is in stark contrast to 2004 when buses came to Lahore from Delhi with Indians in the thousands. The cricket was awesome, and it was enjoyed by both the Pakistanis and the Indians. It was what happened off the field that melted the heart. It’s not easy to distinguish between Lahoris and Delhi-ites, but on the streets of Lahore one could easily tell them apart - the Indians walked around in "Team India" t-shirts and many carried the Tiranga held proudly over their heads.

And they roamed the city as if it was theirs.

The Liberty Market, where the unfortunate attack on the Sri Lankans took place, looked like any other market in downtown Delhi. The entire area had a buzz about it, and it wasn't only the Indians there. The Pakistanis were around to guide them, the shop keepers welcomed them with big smiles, the restaurants provided them the service that even we don't get back home, the rickshaw drivers gave them free rides across town, and the Pakistanis took them under their wing and gave them free guided tours of Lahore.

It was one hell of a time watching the Indians and Pakistanis live together again, even if it was brief.

Sadly, one can't even imagine the thought of anything like that happening today - not in Pakistan, not in India.

But there's one place where we will witness this Indo-Pak chemistry once again - London!

Come Wednesday and Pakistan and India will take on each other in a warm up match for the ICC World Twenty20. It won't be any warm up game; it will be a fund-raiser with the proceeds going to the victims of the unfortunate attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team.

So here it is again. The Indo-Pak cricket teams coming together once again for a good cause.

It’s not only the Indo-Pak cricketers who will be coming TOGETHER to play, entertain, and raise funds;

The Indo-Pak fans will also come TOGETHER and fill the galleries at the Kennington Oval;

The Indo-Pak commentators will also sit TOGETHER in one room and have senseless discussions;

Hell even us Indo-Pak bloggers will come TOGETHER in the same chat-room and cover the match LIVE for you;

Then why is it that Governments of the two countries, and now the cricket boards as well, fail to come together and see eye-to-eye?

I don't want an answer to that question. I don't even want any of you thinking about that question.

Let’s forget about all that.

Let’s just think about the cricket, think about India playing Pakistan, think about the ICC World Twenty20, and come TOGETHER on Bored Quickie! Indo-Pak Live.

Wednesday 10:00 PM IST! (16:30 GMT)

by Q + NC


Anonymous said...

NOT Indian! NOT Paki! Can I come too?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Anon, you're welcome

Anonymous said...

I am with first anon. Why only indians and pakis? Why not fans like us?

straight point said...

cant wait to unfold action...both on field and on bored...

you are right Q...if only some ppl show common sense...but as they say common sense is the rare thing to find in these times...

straight point said...

both anon...

whoever is bored is welcome at bored... :)

pRAFs said...

so BCCI goin live for tomorrow's match?
effin' awesome!

Anonymous said...

Provided the buffoons from PCB keep quiet and have their asses and BUTTS stiched off with fevicol. They need BCCI for relief to those policemen who died protecting SL team.

And when they need India to bail them out, the buffoons should keep their mouth shut.

the idea is great no doubt, but the miandads and Butts would nullify the effect.

You can call me anti whatever or a negative effect, but the momentary show of "unity and solidarity" is just for money guys. PCB needs money for the policemen relief, so the truce.

once the match is gone and the money is in the coffers, the miandads and Butts would raise their shit once again.

Q said...

Anonymous - it is for all of you as well.. u guys will always be together with us no doubt!

Q said...

SP: ur right.. what we need is common sense.

Q said...

Sam: give em a chance. give us a chance. hell give Pak and Ind a chance!

Mahek said...

I would like Dhoni and Younis to make a public statement about the two governments allowing people on either side of the border to communicate with one another. Of course it would probably lead to both of them being pulled up by their boards for doing the right thing.

Q said...

Mahek: I'd like to see that too.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, that's a thought! And if Sehwag is captain tomorrow, who knows what may be said.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cracker of a write Q!

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Aaaahaaaaa '!cant wait , hope the game turns out to be worthwhile ! Great piece Q - we gotta meet up soon and try and get the DXB chapter going :-) If i can add my own 0.5 cents , a friend and colleague (Indian) went down to Lahore for an ODI during the 2004 tour and he confirmed all the sweet stuff we read about ...Am not surprised - from my own interaction with Pakistanis here in dubai , i can freely admit you guys across the border are a HUGELY more generous lot than us penny counting Indians (esp most of us in DXB if u know who i mean!)... guess it takes personal contact to really open your eyes to your own prejudices ... Echo the peace sentiments, as nothing could be better ...May there be only one war : the cricketing one - and may it be a nice, tight, tense close-finish one and may we win ! ;-))

Q said...

Bhaskar: I know exactly what u mean :-)

I've grown up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.. lived hear all my years growing up, schooling, playing cricket, and working with Indians and Pakistanis living in a foreign land.. We mix and mingle like one up here.. and for all the Indian who have come down to Pak and all the Pakis that have gone to India, I have only heard good experiences..

Wonder what then really separates us?

Opening of Dubai chapter is long over due.. shud plan soon.

As for tomorrow.. lets get together!

Sunny Naradmuni said...

Mera baap jo Chenab se Jamuna aaya,
Mujh ko bola- hum dono ek jaise hain,
Baal ki khaal nikalne wale,
Kabhie shanti se saath nahin rehe sakte,
Hot-blooded sentimental fools both,
The siamese twins,
Disconnected in head,joined at heart,
Bollywood,Kirkit aur Nusrat,
Saath sapne dekhna,saath khelna,saath jhoomna,
We fly or sink together,
Better ball and bat,
Than nuke and all that.

Ankit Poddar said...


what a brilliant piece!

we will be setting a precedent in world peace?!

Q said...

Ankit: thanks man! Lets hope so.

Q said...

Sunny Narang: good to see u on bored..

Interesting thoughts those.. didn't have to end with a nuke though ;-)

Sunny Naradmuni said...

Q janab,aapko padhke kuch aisa laga ki apne dil ki baat kisi aur ke lafzon main dekh li. Bahut hi pyaara aur accha farmaya. Allah aapki kalam(keyboard!) ko bahut power aur fame de!

Q said...

Haha.. thank u Sunny.. very thoughtful indeed..

aap humko shayar lagte hain..

RZDI said...

Love the kalaam, sunny ji !! awesome !

Q said...

Good to c u here RZDI!