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The ICC World Twenty20 Format Does Not Make Sense

by Q

I know about the seedings from the previous 20-20 world cup.

But it is not a good measure at all.

After Pakistan's game against Netherlands tomorrow, the remaining 3 matches of Round 1 will be meaningless.

They will make no difference to the composition of the Super 8 Groups.

No points are being carried forward and all the teams know which group they are going into, hence whether you top your Round 1 Group or not makes no difference at all.

So all it means is that Round 1 is a formality.

For someone like Scotland to turn up and play over the weekends and fly back to work.

How absurd is that.

Take a look at how the Super 8 Groups have turned out:

Group E: India, South Africa, England, West Indies

Group F: Ireland, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, X

X will be either Pakistan or the Netherlands.

How fair is it that England, having topped its Round 1 Group is in the tougher Super 8 Group?

In fact, all Group E teams could be the ones who topped their Round 1 Groups.

And they have to fight among themselves to make it to the semi finals?

All this to make it easier for travellers to book their tickets and finalize their plans is not worth it for the sake of competition.

When will the ICC learn?


Poshin_david said...

i know it is plain stupidity.....It's almost now that Sri Lanka is in the semis as they have ireland and probably netherlands.......

Gaurav Sethi said...

It's just another stupid Irish joke. Only the joke is on us.

Look at it this way, fewer matches to watch - this World Cup's been one big strategy break.

Q said...

Chris, exactly! SL and NZ have a free hand and some practice games really..

But then that also means that the final will prob be between 2 sides from Group E since they would have fought harder to get to the semis..

Q said...


It would have been the same number of matches if only the Super 8 pools were based on who tops the group..