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10 Major Tips for the Pakistani team to qualify for the Super 8s

by Gaurav Sethi

1) Learn to read

Then read this:

2) What Pakistan must do to qualify for the Super 8s by Bored Member Achettup

3) Pakistan's 9 point strategic plan by Bored Member Q

4) Think about the warm-up game vs. India

5) Ok, don't think about the warm-up game vs. India

6) Get hold of those Mongoose bats

7) Get hold of a snake charmer to scare the Dutch

8) Pray it doesn't rain

9) Pray the Dutch smoke up

10) Pray the Dutch don't smoke you


Q said...

10.1 Don't smoke up

10.2 Take it seriously unlike your captain

10.3 Tell the dutch they will buy all the grass in Amstredam if they qualify

Q said...

10.4 Turn up for the game for once!

straight point said...


they will have to turn up for every game...

if i were yunis i will def fancy my chances of making into semis coz of the group they will land in if they win today...

Gaurav Sethi said...

10.3 workable

Gaurav Sethi said...

But SP, if Pak makes it Holland doesn't, though there is still Ireland, and that's one team that will give Pak the jitters.

Q said...

Ireland will give Intikhab Alam jitters too..