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Is it Ohja? Or is it Ojha?

by Gaurav Sethi

If you ran past the headline, bet you didn't know the difference. They both read the same, and that makes Ojha, or is it Ohja a somewhat predictable bowler. It's time we went to Ojha Anonymous, and said it aloud, "I have a problem with Ojha! I can't spell his name" Tell you what, I have a problem with Ojha, or is it Ohja, and I can't spell his name.

Not a day goes past when I have to refer to the spelling Bible, cricinfo for the Ohja, (or is it Ojha?) spelling.

Today I have decided, enough is enough. Ohja ho yaan Ojha, I don't want Bheja fry! So here's my prescrpition - remember two sets of two letters instead of the whole name spelling, which anyway never works - OJ + Ha or Orange Juice + Last Laugh. Q.E.D.

1 comment:

Poshin_david said...

Good question.....It's the second one though....