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Keep it clean

by Homer

Today, bloggers and guest commentators alike will participate in the BCCI chat taking place simultaneously as the India Pakistan warm up game.

Warm up game it may be, but temperatures will be running high, given that this is India and Pakistan and this is cricket and it comes in the aftermath of a lot of friction between the two home Boards ( and bloggers and commentators and everyone else in the middle).

It is that spirit that we want to avoid.

Banter away, but avoid getting into flaming wars. Exchange views, but avoid invective.

Chat, but keep it clean!


Anonymous said...

City based jingoism should be avoided too. Wild criticism and playing down players and trashing others should be avoided too. And it holds for all bloggers..

straight point said...

i sign the memorandum... :)

Homer said...


For someone who writes extremely hate filled blog posts about other bloggers and then deletes them when they invite hostile reactions, you have some cheek advising bloggers that "trashing others should be avoided too".

For someone who does not have the stomach to publish comments on his blog inimical to his point of view, your opinion is not worth the paper it is written on.


Homer said...

Cheers SP :)

raj said...

Homer, I think by now we know what to expect. I want to address this city-based jingoism thingie:
Now, if "Nation" is everything, why have domestic cricket at all?
What is so great about "nationalism" and "patriotism", anyway? How do you arbitarily draw a line and say "people to the left of this line (i.e.) country A are generous, lovely and amazing whole people to the right of the line (i.e) country B are pathetic, vile and dangerous"
Which, if you notice, is what our friend always seems to post.

So, why is it okay to have a jingoistic feeling for the nation but not for the city?
And I refute all arguments about homer being jingoistic about mumbai. He is just passionate about Mumbai, and claiming
that "my team is great" is not jingoism, especially when that team has won more than 50% of the domestic championships in its country.
Do you catch Homer/myself are anyone pass derogatory comments on Dhoni, TN, Delhi or more relevantly for you, Sam , Pakistan?
You cannot tolerate if we criticise Dhoni *purely on his decisions and results*. You call us names for civilly criticising Dhoni, and that too after we logically put out our criteria rather than blindly calling Dhoni names. You call us names then and then allege falsely that we are trashing Dhoni. Do you understand the meaning of those words?
And then you cry that we are victimising you? Really, this doesnt wash.

I am sorry if I am harsh, but you need to ask these harsh questions of yourself, to be honest, if you ask my opinion.