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by Bhaskar Khaund

Bored members , it finally happened and it was great fun wasn't it ...i prolly spent more time here than in front of the TV

Thanks to all of us of course , but special thanks for sure to the guys at the frontline of both this idea and the execution : folks , take a bow ! also to all our Pak Bored friends for making the forum complete - tough luck about the game today guys but , hey , it was a warm up remember ?

So guys lets do this more often eh?

As Jatman would say : Of Course !

Quickie Yawns


Yenjie said...

I never thought I'd say this about an India win, esp. one over Pak, but I'm a little disappointed. Where were the thrills and the sense of things breaking lose any moment. We are not supposed to be this dominant. Its supposed to be closer than this. This one-sided, it does not feel like a rivalry anymore. I'll definitely take the win though. Patchy performance with the ball by India. Other than Ishant, the 3 other seamers appear to be toothless. RP specially should be more effective than this. Irfan Pathan is fast approaching the Uthappa level of uselessness, specially with the ball. What did they do to him? Other bowlers bowl 1 or 2 slower balls in a regular fast/med fast over. IP bowls 1 or 2 deliveries charitably classifiable as med-pace in an otherwise slow over. F***ing waste of space. They should play Ojha instead. If Seh-Gam-Roh-Rain-MSD-Yuvi-Yus don't do it with the bat, what value will IP add with the bat, while giving away >10 per over with the ball. Mystifying.

Q said...

It sure was Bhaskar.. and it was made even more special with all the people turning out!

Gaurav Sethi said...

was it the beer or was it the quickie

Q said...

The quickie with the beer ;-)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Hey Yenjie - all good ? i think i know what you mean , it had an unreal feel - going by current T20 form of the indian players this was not an accurate reflection of their prospects - i think the SAFs are going to take this one ! Anyway , by the way , my post was about our Bored Quickie LIVE interaction , not about the game per se ! :-)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Q and NC - yeah great turnout - the whole thing rocked !

LiB said...

It indeed was great, made the losing out bit easily digestable ;)

and definitely should have more of it..