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MSD on Jatman's shoulder before the India-England match today

by Gaurav Sethi

"Yes, of course his shoulder in not with us today, but that's how it is with T20, you lose some shoulders and you win some... Viru's shoulder was a very attacking one, and we will miss it, but really someone else's shoulder will take its place and we don't miss anyone and that's how the game goes and is played y'kno, of coarse, yes, it is a crucial game for us and we know we must win it but more importantly we want to come out and enjoy ourselves because that is what is important y'kno, of course, the ball will do a bit later on and we're looking forward to bat first and runs on the board are always important"

You've heard one MSD interview, you've heard them all. Once upon a time, the guy had originality, could cut into Ravi Shastri and tell him, we proved you wrong. MSD, dig deep into the recesses of your mind, unearth that originality. You may not win the match, but at least you'll speak your mind, and make for a good listen.

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