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Place Your Bets On Yuvraj Hitting Less Than One 6 Today

by achettup

1) Golden Duck - 1:1.4
2) Duck - 1:1.07
3) One 6 - 1:5
4) Two Sixes - 1:9
5) More Than Two Sixes - 1:1.02

Go figure. Broad did. Pity no Freddy this time to wind him up though.

All bets must be placed in "honour" currency and winnings can be redeemed with special "honour" coupons. Really. If you would like to donate 10% of your winnings to England's Ashes Charity Bowling, you're a loon and shouldn't be betting in the first place.


Q said...

So if I place a bet on 2 sixes, it means I get 9 times the amount if he does that?

achettup said...

I think the way it works is if you bet 1 honour, you get 9 honours back, so that means you get eight times your original bet + the original bet which would be 9 honours.

Q said...

Hence that means that ur saying that the least likely option us that Yuiv will hit 2 sixes since u dont want to be paying out 8-9 times the bet..

And ur obviously thinking that there's a greater chance that yuvi will get out for 0 than hit 1 six or 2..

Damn! I would not have the balls to give these odds on Yuvi.