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Pragyan Ojha Picked...

by Q

A wicket of his first delivery ever in T20 international cricket.

and 2 wickets in his first ever over in T20 international cricket.

That is some sort of a record I believe.

And the commentators decided to totally ignore it.


achettup said...

Thats the beauty of... commentating. Someone's gonna have teach Anil a few more lines, this isn't a post match press conference where you can get away with using the same cliche for each and every "event."

RajaB said...
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RajaB said...

What a pity... He had to flag the whole thing off himself.

In the presentation Ohja closed by saying "It was a memorable debut for me..."

What a shame

Gaurav Sethi said...

Think I heard AK's voice first in the 2nd innings. He sure wears the invisibility cloak

Am I happy for Ojha

Tifosi Guy said...


You're being a touch too critical of Kumble's commentating ! It was ( if I'm not wrong), his first ever stint.

He didn't ashame himself. Beats listening to the likes of Gaurav Bhimani , Ranil Wickramasinghe, Ranjit Fernando and Athar Ali Khan.

As to Ojha's feat - well good on him for bringing up the fact that it's his T20 Intl debut.

This is the problem with IPL :) Guess all and sundry think all who play in the IPL would have already made their international debuts.

Maybe, the Indians should do something like handing over an India cap prior to the matches for debutants, ala the Aussies !

raj said...

Well, atleast the turbanned one will have to start flighting to survive now. Surely, he has now realised that firing 110kmph shooters on the pads is not the only strategy to help the team in T20's? And that as a spinner, you are expected to take wickets? And that a spinner who flights, has guile can make bigger contributions to the team?

But what do I know? If Terry Mackay manages 4-0-23-1 in the next match and Ojha goes 4-0-39-2, the 2 being important top order batsmen, still Ojha might be dropped again.