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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

A near test class 50 by Gautam Gambhir

Yuvraj’s bowl me anything and I shall hit it out innings

T20 in England and yet you have fully clothed cheerleaders (all 3 of them including a man !!) dancing to the tune of “Beat it” of Michael Jackson*

“Which one would you send next ?” That was the simple question Nasser Hussain asked Sanjay Manjrekar. That was when Dhoni and Gambhir were batting, must have been the 9th or 10th over. Sanjay almost finished reading the Indian team list as the answer.

Harbajan’s interview from the boundary, describing how big a hitter Yuvraj is, he spoke in English

Irfan Pathan’s last three ball blitz

From a 112 for 2 in 14.3 to close at 180

Well those were some moments during the India – Bangladesh encounter.

And we are just more than half way through the encounter.

But one standout moment, which shall B the moment of the match was Mahendra Singh Dhoni coming in at 3.

If India manage to win, which I think they should, then it shall be hailed as Dhoni’s masterstroke.

To fake the opposition by giving some false hopes that they are bowling well, make them complacent and then send in a Yuvraj Singh to murder them.

If they lose, then this shall be another off day for Dhoni. Who has been a consistent performer for India for a while and more importantly an astute captain.

May be I should start a feature on Dhoni, called Fake One down Player !!

* The Bangladesh players were seen enjoying this song... They were overheard calling it the most recent superhit English song... Beat this !!


Q said...

"Fake one down player" - LOL!

raj said...

Beat me to it, Raja B. Fake ODP indeed. And if Saurav Ganguly did it, we would have ahd words like Selfish, self preservation thrown about already.

This is cleary self preservation strategy by Dhoni, In CSK, he had the excuse that there are no better batsmen(even that was an excuse)
But with Raina and Sharma and Yuvraj around, this man comes in at 3? Did not Raina show his class at 3 in IPL? What is this strategy then, if not desparate attempt to hide his inability to hit big in the later overs if he comes at #6 or #7?

RajaB said...

Thanks Q !!

Raj some good observations there...

But given the pace at which Indian cricket is progressing, I am not sure how successful Dhoni would be with his tactic of self preservation on the long run