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Q, Did you know?

by Damith S.

That Pakistan have lost 4 of their last 5 ODIs again SL?

That Dilshan averages a cool 48 v Pakistan compared to his career 31. I don't know about you but I think he likey the Pakistani attack.

That the last time we played you in a shortened format, we beat you by 234 runs. That is just wrong. Plain wrong.

And the game before that we beat you by 129. Do you see a pattern developing ol boy ?

I am not sure what you mean by Mendis has been figured out by Pakistan. Is it his average of 15 against Pakistan in ODIs or his 3 wickets in the one T20 he played against them? Which one is it?

If by any chance you are referring to the recent test series that was played on pitches flatter than 8 year old Keira Knightly (no dispect, she is a fine young lass), then shame on you Q. Shame on you.

Umar Gul, Tanvir and co usually become pie chuckers when they see old wrinkly face and Dilshan lining them up.

And you are yet to see the best of Matthews, who although DYNOMITE with his fielding is also pretty cool with the bat. Maybe he will join in the Pakistani wiping today. Of course that would have to mean he gets an opportunity to bat - Given that our top 4 are rock solid.

Yes Razaak is a worry. He is pretty cool no matter which way you look at it. However his new hairdo is all uncoolness. After all those years playing in the ICL does he still have what it takes to take on some real cricketers? The hairdo does indicate a softened head.

And while everyone focuses on Mendis, Old man Murali will silently snipe out whoever is left over after Slingas repotoire of yorkers.

How can Pakistan even think of winning? Why is Tom Cruise the way he is?

For some questions there simply are no answers.

(Bored Member Damith is from Sri Lanka where as Bored Member Q is from Pakistan; this is part of the Damith vs. Q BBC* Debate at BCC! for the Sri Lanka v Pakistan Super 8 game today. Rip into each other gentlemen)
*BBC - Bored Boys Chat

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1 comment:

John said...

Ouch. This has got to hurt, Q. It hurts me. And I don't even care about this game!