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Recession and our team…

by RajaB

Truly straight from the Fake One down Player’s heart…

"Well I am not going to talk anymore, my bat has and would continue to do so from now on. In a way I thank the boys for giving me all the overs and opportunity of course to bat through and get a well made 95.

Did you notice I was selfless to sacrifice my wicket even when I was on 95 ? I played for the team and I will continue to, at that point I just had 2 overs and I had to accelerate for the team’s sake. To improve the chances of my team to go 2-0 up. Therefore I tried that inventive shot. I tried faking the bowler by giving him an impression that I am running away to square leg and then smashing him over long leg, unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side.

And the ball crashed on to the stumps. Fools they, to have kept the stumps there. And we didn't read the pitch and stumps properly.

This is a recessionary phase for our team.

What is recession ?

I tell you what, it is more work, less money and even lesser results

See, you understand ?

Lots of matches, only peanuts if you compare this with IPL, and the boys don’t score

That is why I say, bring the IPL on again and the boys would score…

See you later !!"


Gaurav Sethi said...

Only four 90s so far, really thought he was making a biz outta the 90s. But yeah that was SRT in 2007 wasn't it, the quintessential 90s man. What inverted snobs, 100s won't do for them, 90s more like it.

straight point said...

they are saving scores for champions trophy..?!!