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Yusuf Pathan 005

by Gaurav Sethi

Make that Yusuf Pathan has five ODI ducks. That's a fair strike rate from 16 innings. Add to that two innings of 3, and you know Yusuf's the lad for the long run. Of course two not-out 50s can make you think otherwise, but I'm convinced this kid will play long as he scores nothing along with the occasional cloudburst, mostly in the IPL. A closer look at Pathan's lack of numbers, and there's a curious DNB 8 times. Wonder what would have happened had he BATTED more. More servings of Peking Ducks!


Krish said...

Don't worry! He will get more chances. Yusuf Pathan's batting is better served in Twenty20 than ODIs.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Krish, Hong Kong super sixes is more his scene.

pRAFs said...

from what we've seen over the years, he's better suited to slow, low wickets.
Bouncers are certainly exposing his technique.
He plays the Fake Viv Richards with the chewing gum and attitude, but inside he KNOWS.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Prafs, have you noticed, he keeps his mouth shut too - none of those toothy grins.

Rayden said...

Wow that statistic is crazy - and he is considered one of our best players right now by many. I am tired of hearing his praise in the media and by the commentators.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Rayden,

YP's another kid born to be the media's darling, just like his half brother once was. And no matter what, there's always place for these kids.

Tho if he bowls more and bats lower down, or has a more defined role, even as a pinch hitter you never know. Right now is he's far from being optimized. One of those all for nuthin kids.