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T20 WC TRIVIA - 2 : Longest T20WC Six

by Bhaskar Khaund

Chris Gayle's mortal assault on Brett Lee this evening led me to do some research on this subj.
Did you know : The longest six connected with T20 WC was hit by one Brent Burgess of Bloxington, Yorkshire. This beefy 23 year old lad was one of several youngsters called in by the ECB to help pre-test various technical and other aspects of hosting the innaugural T20 WC in 2005.
During a demo session at The Oval , Burgess biffed a monster pull that sailed over the midwicket boundary , clean cleared the stadium and- to the great astonishment of the traffic policeman stationed there - landed at the Tesco intersection nearly a kilometer away. To be precise , it measured 986.3 metres.
"Harumph , yeasss , always raining , innit ?" was Constable Bradbury's rather measured reponse to journos later.
Burgess himself was fairly nonplussed : "Must 'aave b'n th' Sunday roast me mum roostle'd oop , wa'nt 'alf baad thaat , seeing asa 'ow i' wa' rooning into this maatch"
The 2005 edition was subsequently postponed to 2007 in South Africa. Whether Burgess had a part to play in that is unclear. But certainly the high-tech GravityStat chips implanted into cricket balls now has to be a direct fallout of that massive blow dealt by Burgess four years ago.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Not a DLFer, a Gurgaoner that was

Unknown said...

I think you have your facts wrong, there is no way you can hit a cricket ball 1KM.

May 130 meters, but not 1000m ... maybe he hit it out the stadium and it rolled down a hill

Shaun Custers
SA Cricket Blog