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T20 WC TRIVIA : Scotland are no Giant Killer ...

by Bhaskar Khaund

...but could well be Monster Fishers.
Did you know Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton spent most of his childhood fishing for the Loch Ness monster ?
Hamiton told interviewers he continued to believed in the mythical Loch Ness monster well into his teens and often tried fishing for it.
However , he denied being part of Loch Koch BGosh the little known cult that gathers en mass every year to feed the Loch Ness monster.
Meanwhile , Hamilton's team did their utmost today to ensure they succumbed to the Kiwis despite a strong initial foothold in the match and a chance to produce another giant kill in the current WC
Going by their efforts (lack thereof) on the field , 'fisher of monstrosity' would perhaps be more apt.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

loch kiya jai! And OshKosh B'gosh kiya jai!