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Tom Cruise, Numbers and a quick summary

by Homer

Damith and Q are cricket nerds. Why else would they involve statistics to make a point?

And seriously people, you are NOT supposed to give an inch - "Yes Razaak is a worry. He is pretty cool no matter which way you look at it. " ( Damith) and "The top 4 may look rock solid but poor Mahela has hardly laid bat on ball, " (Q) - are you guys playing nice now? Where is the aggro?

Both of you need to enroll in the Homer Academy for Cricket Sledging. ASAP!

(And for the rest of you out there, you can get the brochure and prospectus for the Homer Academy for Cricket Sledging by sending a check or cash to...)

But what I gathered is this - Sri Lanka has beaten Pakistan in 4 of the last 5 games they played but have never managed to do so in a ICC sponsored event.

So who will prevail today?

Game on people!

PS:- Why is Tom Cruise the way he is? Answers on a post card to...

(Bored Member Damith is from Sri Lanka where as Bored Member Q is from Pakistan; this is the start of the Damith vs. Q BBC* Debate at BCC! for the Sri Lanka v Pakistan Super 8 game tomorrow. Rip into each other gentlemen)
*BBC - Bored Boys Chat

Click here for the complete Pak-Lanka debate, start reading from down under

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