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Fake One down Player

by RajaB

This is the release he had promised us at BCC!, the one he promised that we would exclusively have...

"I have been misinterpreted again, it was the new media this time. Let me clarify, I have not changed a bit since I heard my Dadi telling me "I am Brahmasmi".

I know I am

I would neither change ever or I would admit. If at all there comes a time I have to, I will bring in all 15 and divert the issue.

Let me clarify one more thing. I wasn't at loggerheads with Jatman at any point in time. If I were at loggeheads with him then I would not have called him for that all team press conference. The fact that he was present proves that he is not my competition. (Thank god you didn't notice the absence of Dinesh Karthik in the original squad)

I am thinking of not keeping today, two reasons for that. One, I am the captain and therefore the precedent suggests that I either be at the slip or in covers, throwing up my arm for every ball that would pass me. Second, I have a second wicketkeeper and it is Dinesh Karthik, so I wouldn't drop any behind the stumps.

Well, it is time I finished this release... I need to take some quality time out for myself. The winners of the ball before THE ball, the call before the CALL (of toss), and all those who score me monies before I score anything with a piece of wood are waiting.

Let me close with clarifying one point from that previous new media release...

It quoted me saying, Jatman is a friend. Let me reiterate he is and he would be.

On Facebook, from now on. See you (only) on Facebook Jatman, bye !!

And see you guys too. I would talk to you guys after I win my match against the West Indies..."

Click here for see the Fake One down Player in full !!

1 comment:

raj said...

Something tells me jatman is finished now in all forms of cricket. It is easy to draw a cycle and believe that he is in the last part of it. But something tells me the cycle ends here. He may comeback in Test Cricket but I have a gut feel he is going to struggle and eventually whimper out. FODP to go from strength to strength as captain...