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When is a beamer not a beamer

by Homer

1.2 Lee to Junaid Siddique, no run, looked like a beamer, lee gets away with it, Nigel Long thinks it's just waist-high, but clearly it's higher.... maybe he got away because it's a slower ball

Forget not calling the no ball, the umpire in question did not even find it necessary to warn the bowler about the beamer.

This could mean one of two things - either the ECB 's panel of umpires are unaware of the rules or there is a tacit understanding that if the ball is a slower ball, the bowler can get away with murder!


raj said...

Or maybe the fact that the bowler in question has a conduct certificate from Mike Atherton has something to do with it. Mike Atherton's algorithm:
1. If you are an experienced pace bowler, and if you slip in beamers twice, especially when you have been hit around, then it is not intentional; then you are a good guy.
2. If you are a young tyro who does it for the first time(Sreesanth), then you are a devil and unpardonable. Basically, first time offence by a hot header youngster is worse than a cold-blooded repeat offence by an experienced fast bowler who should know better.
And that is not racism.

Q said...

For spinners the rule is head high instead of waist high..

so if a pacer bowls a slower delivery, maybe the rule is head high as it is for spinners..

Just speculating, i dont know if the rule changes if a pacer bowls with a slower delivery with a spinner's action.

Ankit Poddar said...


may be the ecb's panel is letting lee getting away with all of it, so that he could repay during the ashes!

Homer said...


I was thinking about the Mike Artherton principle too :).


Homer said...


Then I can only hope that fast bowlers ping batsmen with their "slower balls" - bowled 5 kmph slower than the fastest ball :)


Homer said...


It wont serve the ECB any purpose letting Lee get away with this!


Gaurav Sethi said...

along with the 3rd umpire, they've also done away with the 1st n 2nd umpires. Those were hat holders alongside the stumps.

Homer said...


Although in their defense, they did get the run outs spot on!

I think they have decided not to call any full tosses at Nottingham - what with it being Robin Hood territory!