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Afridi is back, so what?

by Gaurav Sethi

Pakistan lost two tests, couldn’t win the third, but that was without Mr Twenty20. And now Afridi is back, playing in a one-dayer, and coming in @one down. Lanka A scored 348 of their 50 overs, and Shahid miya struts in and blasts 34 of 25, OUT! If nothing else, let’s keep a vigil through the ODIs, dekho if Boom Boom has the attention span for 50 overs. Be more than a test for him.

PS: Misbah 17 of 32 OUT! lbw. And Pakistan sings, "what have you done for me lately?"


Husha said...

Meh, there's 5 ODI's ahead for the Pakistani team, he's probably just conserving energy.
Have faith in the BOOM BOOM!

BTW does the live scorecard (Cricinfo) only update when someone's out? I've been waiting for ages and it's the same old score.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Same here, it's been 271/7 for ever. Next update will be after the game. Could even be in the first ODI. Thought it had rained.

Husha said...

....And it JUST updated. We lost.

Gaurav Sethi said...

33 of the last 3 overs was doable, but Razzaq fell 46.5. Be some ODI series, sense it. And Razzaq gotta play, always.

Wasim said...


Misbah should be dropped for either Fawad or Umar Akmal. Umar scored a 76 ball 100 while batting at #8. Misbah should be given sometime to regain his form.

I think Afridi did alright I don't think he should bat at #3 in Odi's he should only be sent in at #3 if one of the openers falls early.

Razzaq's 4 wickets and 56 runs off 29 balls has made Younis Khan's job even more difficult. How would he adjust Aamer, Gul and Saeed Ajmal.

He will have to drop Misbah and one of the openers and probably one of the in form youngsters to make room for Yousaf, Ajmal and Malik.

straight point said...

wasim are you serious that MoYo should play ahead of in-form youngsters in ODIs...?

Wasim said...


It's a 50 over game and nobody in the Pak team can play the role of an anchor better than Yousaf. Basically both the captain and the vice captain are out of form but unforunately they can't be dropped so I suggest that they twist their ankle or pull their hamstring to save themselves from further embarassment, Younis is increasingly becoming like Vaughan a burden on the team.

In six test innings he had one score of 88 in the other five innings he was averaging 9 runs an innings.

Malik got the most flak during the series he after the the first two matches was averaging 32 and after the third match he was averaging over 50.

Knowing Younis Khan I can predict that he will not drop any of the senior players it's a shame thateven though Umar Akmal scored a century and Fawad scored 89 but they still will sit out.

Younis should listen to Ramiz's suggestion and should drop Misbah for one of these guys.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Wasim, Misbah's clearly struggling, and in all forms. Eats a lotta balls for nothing, (17 of 32) in a big chase, not on. Becoming a habit with him.

Ever since IPL1, the gap between what's expected and what he delivers has widened.

Agree he shouldn't play, but I sense a deeper problem, one Imran used to harp on - the key players bat too low. Inzi used to, then Younis, and then Misbah. (more so in ODIs I guess)

Misbah lost his form languishing too low, trying to become something he wasn't. Isn't he more a hitter than a play all 50 overs guy - he's one confused mess today.
Drop him for a few ODIs, and then swap with MoYo - and that should be seen as rotation.

Think you need Razzaq, he's yr match maker. About the other kids, can't say, haven't watched them. But you gotta play them this series, and the key will be to rotate - 1) nobody looks stupid being drooped 2) You keep Team 2011
in mind.

Re: Younis, like MSD, you gotta take the bad form with a pinch of salt. Again like MSD is with India, Younis looks like the only guy who can captain Pak. The runs will come, the captaincy will stay.

Wasim said...


I agree with you on Misbah his role is of an enforcer and whenever he plays in that role his performance usually is fine, but i think the problem of Pakistan stems from the top three players failing consistently Younis Khan's poor form has really hurt our batting.

I think Pakistan should continue with Nazir and Nasir as openers and leave Misbah out for Fawad or Umar, but then if both Nazir and Nasir are selected then Malik will have to sit out.

I think it's time for Younis to act aggressively he should go for the best combination even if he has to drop one or two seniors.

I think Younis will continue with the seniors.
Razzaq is a must I completely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Bhai hum to aise hi khelenge. match situation and condition gaye tel lene....

Afridi follows this mantra.

It wud be interesting to see what combo Younis uses for ODIs.

Playing Misbah would be like playing Badri at 4 instead of Yuvraj :P