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Amazing Stat: SL never won a Test in India

by K

When Q mentioned the fact that Pakistan had never lost a Test series in Sri Lanka... another amazing stat came to my mind... Sri Lanka have never won a Test match in India. The Sri Lankans played their first Test in India in 1982 and 27 years later are yet to register their first win in the "original" land of spin.

According to the Stats, the two nations have played 14 Tests on Indian soil... India has won eight of them and the remaining six have ended in draws. In fact, the last time Sri Lanka was touring India for a Test series, I was editing the 2-hour (daily) highlights for the host broadcaster.

Murali has played in 10 of these 14 Tests and yet no win for SL. I wonder why?

India, on the other hand has won at all the three major Test centres of Sri Lanka... Colombo, Kandy and Galle and has even won a series on Sri Lankan soil in 1993.

SL's next tour of India in November 2009 promises to be quite an exciting one as it will see Murali and Mendis bowling in tandem in a Test Series in India for the first time.


Gaurav Sethi said...

India's counter: get that Jatman ready.

K said...

I swear can't wait to see Jatman launch into Murali and Mendis.

Viswanathan said...

Gambhir is enough to deal with the M's.

Q said...

Sri Lanka is still not up there at test level.. throughout the 90s they were still a minnow test nation.. hell till 95-96 they were still a minnow ODI nation..

They've beaten big teams at home but they still haven't won test matches abroad.. long way to go for them yet..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ott, Gambhir can barely deal with himself.

straight point said...

absolutely will be interesting to see both Ms playing together for first time in india...tho i doubt the way mendis mania regressing... :)

Rohan Arora said...

I am sure this time too India will win series. Our test team is very strong especially when they are playing in Home grounds. Not an easy task for any country in this world to beat Indian team on there home grounds. India Vs srilanka Match Schedule