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Bangladesh v West Indies v West Indies

by Gaurav Sethi

By some simple twist of fate, and surf of the remote I found myself in an ODI in the Caribbean. I had no intention to watch this beleaguered Windies' team, but what could I do - the game was on and so was Ashraful – elevated from the equator to one down. With him, his general, foot soldier, one man army, Shakib Al Hasan!

You’d expect Bangla to win, which they did. The extra toppings: Sammy and someone else colliding and collectively spilling a catch, Roach being taken off after his second beamer, the look on Reifer's face, a wicket keeper-bowler's wicket of his second ball. After this even the harshest critic of Carib-cricket will come back for seconds!

Incidentally so did Thomas the keeper, he scalped another one in the same over. What fun.

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