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Finally, Shahid Afridi to lead Pakistan in T20's

by Bored Guest

After almost a month of deliberation PCB has finally announced that Shahid Afridi will lead Pakistan in T20's. Afridi was competing with vice captain Misbah Ul Haq for the job but Misbah's indifferent form and Afridi's performance in the T20 WC became the decisive factor.

This will be the first time that Afridi will lead Pakistan in any format of the game. Finally his wish realized after a long struggle.

Afridi now is an integral part of Pakistan's Odi and T20 team, he has a charismatic personality and a huge fan following, he has been in and out of the team through out his career until he decided to focus on his bowling and created a niche for himself. Now that his dream has realized the big question is will he be able to live upto it?

His chances of becoming a successful captain will depend mostly on his man management skills, his domestic record as a captain has been quite good , if I am not mistaken his team Dolphins has never won any tournament but they always reached the finals.

He is naturally aggressive and is extremely active on the field, he is also experienced and smart enough to lead Pakistan at this level. But the big question is will he be able to demonstrate the maturity and temperament which is expected from a leader or will he continue to bat without having any match awareness.

I think if he retains the same level of maturity which he displayed during the T20 world cup he will be fine and if not then it won't take long before his dream will turn into his worst nightmare.

Shahid should use this opportunity to establish himself as the future Test and Odi captain of Pakistan team and he can only do that if the team gives better results under him in T20's.

As regards Misbah Ul Haq he should step down as the Vice Captain of Pakistan team and should focus just on improving his form.

by Wasim

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straight point said...

welcome on bored wasim!

it will be interesting to see how he will respond to the captaincy he wanted so badly...

at the same time i would expect his fan will show some patience and don't discard him he the start is not as expected...

anyways we are in interesting times for sure... :)

Q said...

Welcome on bored Wasim! Enjoy ur stay..

And wat a way to start.. with the man.. Shahid Afridi!!

He should have been announced full time T20 captain rather than only for the SL game.. but I think he will be..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored Wasim!

And welcome Boom Boom - it's one helluva call - been two good games, WC semis and finals, barely come to grips with his batting, and here he is in the hot seat.

That's T20 for you! By now Yuvraj should've been T20 skipper many times over! But then we've seen what he does with Kings XI.

Like Afridi to go have a party, not enough fearless cricket around. Don't want him to become another mild mannered McCullum. Big call: where he bats.

This has to be the most exciting development in Pak cricket in a long time.

Re: Misbah, he should go get a life, let loose some.

But yeah, weird that's it's a one off.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for the upcoming T20!

Wasim said...

Guys thanks for having me here.

Wasim said...


Afridi's fans are of a different kind they are always with him through thick and thin.

I don't think he will do any better or any worse than what Pakistan did under Malik and Younis but it would be interesting to see how he handles the Job.

Wasim said...


I think PCB wants this series to end peacefully:)

Wasim said...


It's two good games as an all rounder and two good years of consistent performance with the ball which has earned him captaincy of just one T20.

I think he deserves it. I do want him to bat with discretion he should pass on the mad max hat to Imran Nazir.

For me it will be interesting to see if this move is going to solve the problems within the team or create more problems.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Wasim :)

Lets see how Afridi the captain turns out to be :)

Anonymous said...

Gaurav, you are doing a Sehwag today, what he does to Pakistan in Tests :)

i.e in awesome form :)

Wasim said...


Pakistan's T20 record is better than any other country and as I said he wont do anything better or worse than his predecessors.

My only point of interest is how he will handle two ex captains and a bunch of senior players, and will captaincy bring a bit of maturity in his batting, with authority comes responsibility.

At this point I don't see any negativity in this decision, his biggest job is to keep Pakistan's T20 momentum going that will be his biggest challenge.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Welcome Wasim

O boy o boy o boy , some big time entertainment ahead one way or another...personally i think it'll all go boom boom - interpret that either way you like ! :-)

Wasim said...

Thanks Bhaskar!

It certainly can go either way, but Afridi is lucky in this respect that he will get a stronger bench than both Younis and Malik, which will make things easier for him. But as I said before his biggest challenge will be to keep the momentum going.
Unfortunately people will expect a lot from him because he is taking over a team which just won the WC unlike Malik and Younis who took over when the team was in shambles and everybody wanted change just for the sake of it.

K said...

T20 can even be played without a captain. So no big deal... oh and sometimes even four captains (ask that overhyped owner of that overhyped IPL team).