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Bubble Cafe: Where Cronje's bubble burst.

by Gaurav Sethi

21st June, 2009. Bored Meeting at The Bubble Cafe, Ernakulam. Present: Achettup, Naked Cricket. And once upon a time, Hansie Cronje. According to Achettup, this was the very cafe where the cops busted Hansie. And the chair where I sat was the very chair he sat. Or could have - basically Cronje was big on musical chairs. That sure added an edge to the one-sided T20 game we watched that evening. Or was it the Kingfishers. And yeah, we didn't fall for the Foster's in spite of the 1+1 deal.

Pak Cricket: When we was fab. Q that's for you. Damith, you got Galle.

Would you believe it, this guy wanted to give one of the cricketer's head. That's right, he wanted to sit right in front of the screen, and plonk his head in front of Gul's youknowwhat. When I said, WTF, he said, I don't care for cricket. I had his head evicted.

Indian cricket just don't make them like that.

The pop music sure took the piss
Have you ever watched a World Cup final with a bunch of zombies sing the Everly Brothers and The Moody Blues, while one team's life is on the line? Killing me softly with your song.


Q said...


Have you ever watched a world cup final that Pakistan wins and right after the victory the Bar's band plays "Jai Ho" and all the Pakistanis dance to it?

That was Time Cafe in Dubai!

straight point said...

going by images...i think you saw cricket more off screen...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Wata trip Q.

Gaurav Sethi said...

It's a little crazy when there's a live band playing and the cricket sounds are muted.