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Can you please put a lid on the Ashes.

by Gaurav Sethi

From a purely Indian POV, this was written the other day – “Is it taboo to talk about the Ashes, it doesn’t involve India, BCCI or the IPL. It’s already the second day, and for all you know, it will rain and then all that effort will be for what – so why talk about the Ashes?” At Bored, we resisted the Ashes. There were diversions, Buchanan book day and Sunny’s Bored Day. And now the bloody rain. If they can’t beat you with the bat, they’ll bowl bad weather at you. So to hell with tradition, if Wimbledon can get a roof, why not the Ashes? Also, it’s not is they’re gonna miss the sun or anything – the only sun they know is that ruddy rag. I rest my case. But if the Aussies want to win Wales, suggest they speak to their lawyers. That doesn’t make sense, but then neither will a draw.

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