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A-nother Premonition from 2014

by Ankit Poddar

Yeah, I feel like Madhuri Dixit! And Bored makes me go 'Dhak Dhak', which is why I chose to be back here!

Yeah, we have already had one premonition from 2014, the one from the IPL and here is another one!


BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, also the CAB president since 2009, made an announcement this morning. With effect from today, there will no Australian coaches for the Indian team henceforth, nor for any of the state associations!

IPL has been excluded from Sourav's ruling, and John Buchanan, the coach of KXIP is to keep his job! With multiple team owners, none on talking terms with each other, a similar concept had been introduced by John for captaincy in their team!

Ajinkya Rahane - kar and Abhishek Nayar-kar are hoping to be selected for Indian team's tour to Afghanistan! (Yeah, I had to drag that country in!) Both the men-boys are hoping to carry SMG and SRT's legacy forward.

Former Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting has created a furore with the release of his new book, " We played as a Team - Just the 11 of us". In his book, he has insulted all Indian players, by not making a single mention of any them in the book. This could now be taken as a sign of changing times. Taking potshots at Indian players, it seems, is no more a worthy marketing ploy!

Courtesy: Bored Cricket Crazy Indians - The Premier Website on Everything Cricket!


Yeah, Mind You! You read it here first!

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Look forward to Ricky's sequel to the book, We played as a team - Just the two of us, Punter and Ponting.

And I fear for Punjab, can see Yuvi breaking some bottles on JB. They could even be J&B bottles. What a waste of whiskey.