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Close encounters with Gautam Gambhir.

by Gaurav Sethi

Step out in Delhi, and you will be touched by cricket. Make that touched by a cricketer now. I’m off to grab a burger-cold coffee lunch, who should greet me at the door: None other than Gautam Gambhir, hand outstretched with a gaseous glass of Coke.

Now I’m wearing my Delhi Daredevils T, the fan version (sans Hero Honda signage), and here is Gambhir, compelling me to participate in the ‘Meet Gautam Gambhir’ contest. No thank you, I’ll pass.

Nothing personal against you Gautam, but I’d rather watch you play then have you watch me eat.

And look, how different we are: you wear the new updated red+blue Daredevils T while I’m still in IPL season 1 (black+red). Then there’s the bait – you buy any Coke combo and get a chance to meet Gautam Gambhir. I’m not one for combos, pass again.

But yeah, if our paths do cross Gautam, I’ll give you a nudge. Think you’ll understand.

1 comment:

Som said...

I remember predicting G running into Lara Bingle having Jalebi at Dilli 6 and I can see it nearing.