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West Indies vs. West Indies: Comedy of errors

by bored cricket crazy indians

Round 1: Clive Lloyd and Michael Holding give the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) a verbal lashing. Talk of greed and personal scores being settled in the player-board impasse.

Round2: WIPA strike back: “many of its members had rejected lucrative contracts with the unsanctioned ICL and pointed out that Lloyd and other leading players of his generation had signed up with the Kerry Packer's rebel World Series Cricket (WSC), which had forced the West Indies board to field second-string sides for several series.

Cricinfo: Unlike the IPL in which Chris Gayle and others are involved and which is recognised by the ICC, WSC was not sanctioned by this body. Lloyd and his team blazed the path for better remuneration for players by participating in the WSC.

"WIPA does not think that Mr Lloyd and others did so for greed."

If nothing else, you gotta give the WIPA this much, their communication is spot on. Incredible then, how they never seem to get their point across.

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