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Dhoni's greying - Downside of captaincy

by K

Just as he was giving his pre-match interview on Sunday, I noticed quite a few strands of grey hair in Dhoni's beard. I guess that's one of the hazards of the job.

Feel bad for the guy sometimes. He gives his best but still has to apologize to Indian fans on occasions. Leading a team that represents a nation of millions of over-reacting maniacs isn't easy.

But Mahi's not the only one who's physical appearance has undergone a sudden transformation due to the rigours of captaincy. His predecessor Ganguly went grey and bald while the dashing Punter has also been losing hair.

That's why I say Jatman ish besht captain because he will not lose hair or go grey. Ash there ish nothing to lose.

The question is will Bugsy Akmal ever lose his two front teeth if he is made captain of Pakistan.

Does anyone have a take on Chris Gayle??


straight point said...

if you think he is greying fast...then what would have happened if he were not to be captain cool...?! :)

Krish said...

And India have been playing well for most of this period! Wonder what would have happened in less happy circumstances.