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Lying by Omission?

by Bored Guest

Sometimes, what is not said gives one a clue. In the post-match conference in the 1st and 3rd ODI, Dhoni did not make any reference to Dinesh Karthik's batting. In fact, he praised Gambhir's batting in the 3rd ODI even though Gautham struggled. I suspect that DK, Vijay and Badri are all on their way out soon.

by Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Do you mean them to hold on to their places even when Ten and Seh return ?

K said...

Dinu's done enough to keep his place.

Late Inswing said...

Anon - Great point. I belived MSD, on occasions, has been distinctly ungracious in the PM comments.

In Australia, when Rohit, running for him was run out - and commentators suggested that it was perhaps confusion, MSD said he thinks it was Rohit's fault. One occasion in the IPL, he openly said Goni should not have bowled a slower ball. In another occasion when the commentator remarked Badri had played well, MSD said "Raina had an off day". Mystyfing!! No, media loves a straight talking captain. Only some of his team-mates would disagree.

Anon II - They, by right, should be in the Mix, whether in the XI or not.

K - He would have been noticed, plus keeping will keep him in the squad.