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Don't look back in anger

by Damith S.

Or rather don't look back at all Younus. It's not pretty. In fact its ugly. Very Ugly.

It appears Pakistan came to Sri Lanka intent on breaking their record of never having lost a test series in SL.

At this point, I would like to inform the Pakistani team, Younus and management, that their team talks and preparation have been par excellence.

Every trick you have tried has worked.

And you know you have had a bad day when your get out jail bowler Ajantha Mendis takes 3-20.

Also a little reminder to Q, Mendis now needs a further 10 wickets in 3 innings for that 15 we spoke about. Are ya nervous?

1 comment:

Q said...

10 in 3? I don't think Mendis has it in him to do that..