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T20 or test cricket - let's hear it from the winner and the loser.

by Gaurav Sethi

An Indian asks a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan -

For Bored Member Damith (SL) and Bored Member Q (Pak) –

You’ve actually played each other more than your two teams, what with the Master Debate and all. Now, seeing as SL have won the test series 2-0, and you’d think Pak has nothing to show for it – but look back a month, Pak won the T20 World Cup. It’s strange, but both Lanka’s lapses in the twenty20 game and Pak’s collapses in the tests were swift. Almost like a MOU was signed between the two teams– let’s make it quick, painless.

Anyway, as you’ve both counted your losses – which one of you is happier today? Would you swap the T20 for the test series win, Q? And what about you, Damith, you wanted the T20, or is the test series the real deal?

In a time when we’re all hurling the virtues of test cricket at each other with impunity, please think and answer responsibly. But do so honestly. Think about “Jai Ho” playing at the club after the win, Q – is there ever any song after a test series win, Damith? Do tell us about what it feels like? Does Q outscore you on the happiness quotient here? I really wanna know what love is –and which love outscores the other.

Thank you for the music. Let’s hear one last tune for now.

NC (Ind)


Krish said...

T20 win is more meaningful in the long run. They will always have a chance to redo the Test series.

Q said...

The T20 win was sweet and even if Pakistan had won this series, I would have said that the T20 win was sweeter.

No way in hell would I swap the win in the T20 final for a win in the test series.


The T20 thing was a world cup.. Pakistan ended up at the top of the pile of all international cricket nations.

No feeling like that.

A test series win definitely does not bring the same set of emotions.

And I really don't think Sri Lanka won the test series.. Pakistan lost it.

At the end.. Pakistan are the T20 World Champions. What are Sri Lanka?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Krish, don't know about the meaningful, but yeah, most people would go with you on the T20. That it was World Cup, is a big deal - but a T20 Cup, that will be played again next year (within 9 months) - kinda loses its gloss, what next even more abridged World Cups, played every 6 months?

Sure, no prob when India won it, there was a novelty to it - and the 2 year World Cup Champions status. Now it's got a Hong Kong Super 6s feel to it. They should play in those tiny SE Asian grounds, Afridi can hit it still further.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, think I know what you feel. We were there, right?

Wonder what Damith's gotta say.