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Imran Khan: You did it again

by Bored Guest

Younis, you did it again, I Imran have not done it since Jemima left me .. er .. I mean I haven't lost a test series so badly for a long long time. So what went wrong with Pakistan. The only thing predictable about Pakistan is their unpredictability, in fact unpredictability seems to be their ability. So what went wrong with Pakistan.

Well, firstly I'm not there. Unlike Shoiab Akhtar's bowling I can't be everywhere. So I'm not there, that's reason number one. There's no sanity either; anyway it hasn't been very sanitary with danish kaneria abusing, but there's no sanity. There's no vanity either now that I'm not there. There's absolutely no sanity left in Pakistani cricket. Younis has resigned from the Pakistani T 20 and they want him back. The only person Pakistani cricket wanted back was me, when they asked me to come back for the 1992 World Cup. How can they want someone else back? It must be because You and I, Younis and Imran share the P factor, the Pathan factor, yes that must be it.

If Pakistan cricket wants sanity back it's time to bring Shoaib back. If nothing else it'll improve the accents in the team.

by Mohit Varma

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

What beats black humour: Brown humour.

Can picture IK saying this, but then, he said it, right?