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IPL format needs a change

by K

As the concept of the World Test Championship came up for discussion on BCC!, I thought it was the appropriate time for me to mention my dissatisfaction with the IPL format.

The IPL was orginally conceptualized on the basis of a league... something similar to the football leagues of Europe, where each team plays against the other on a home and away basis and at the end of the season, the most consistent team is rewarded with the trophy.

However, what we see in the IPL is a preliminary stage (league) followed by a knock-out stage (semis, final). This knock-out stage should not be part of the format. According to me if the IPL wants to reward the most consistent team, the competition should end once the league matches are over with the top ranked team winning the trophy.

If the IPL still wants the hype and hoopla of the semis and final, each semi and the final must be best-of-three.

The current system does not do justice to teams like the Delhi Daredevils. Our Daredevils did all the hardwork for 14 matches and topped the table. But they were knocked-out in the semis as they had one bad day.


Gaurav Sethi said...

This should be enforced with retrospective effect, crowning Delhi champions for 2009. As for 2008, let bygones be bygones.

Here I have to disagree with you, and myself – the thrill is in the knockout. What they could do is break the IPL into three parts 1) All 8 teams play 2) 4 get knocked out, 4 play on 3) Finals.

Also, as and when more teams are added, they will need to revisit the format, otherwise when one IPL finishes the other will start and so on.

So even if we have 12 teams, the process of elimination can work. Face it, the Tennis grand slams start with 256 players and they wrap it up in 2 weeks.

Megha said...

for me, one thing I want changed in the format is the number of matches. 8 teams, 2 league rounds, semi finals, finals...phew...wayyy too many matches...and if the number of teams are increased, I will probably have to say good bye to the IPL! or just watch the finals...

So one round of league matches, and by all means, skip the SFs and make it a best-of-3 final...

SM said...

Hi all ,

Even if you are ready and all pumped up for the 48 odd matches (considering 8 teams and 2leagues rounds ) somewhere in between it starts getting too much and you lose interest . because of the sheer number of matches ..

I do agree with Megha that some how in the next editions when teh number of teams go up . the number of matches should be brought down . Some sort of pools can be formed and best of 3 in the semis and the final stage .. What say ?

Krish said...

I don't completely agree. One of the things that keeps the excitement in the IPL going is the suspense of who would qualify for the semifinals.

I would agree with Megha that a best-of-3 playoffs would be good. We can still have the semis. Maybe getting rid of home and away matches and just have one match between 2 teams.