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The second Ashes test starts at Lord's. (behind the scenes coverage)

by Gaurav Sethi

England win the toss, elect to bat. No respite for the tailenders. Both James Anderson and Monty Panesar are padded up. And Monty isn't even playing.

Lunch, Eng 125/0. Anderson is a much relieved man as he removes his pads.

England's collapse can wait for a later session. After the disappointments of Cardiff, surely Lord's will be England's Adelaide.

Just shows there's a bit of Pakistan in England. In the recent past, after numerous 100+ partnerships, England has flattered to, you guessed right, decieve, and lose the plot. This is not a work of fiction.

Ok, that's 3 for 71, not quite up to Pak's high standards, but give them time - this is England. KP, what can you say about him, looked like some DC comic character out of place in the real world. His bat sounded like it was made of cheap alloy. I think he had Freddie on his mind.

Reckon Collingwood is due. To fail. Over and out.

Ok, he did fail, what more do you want me to say, I called it? After his previous innings, he needed some time out.

(222/2) After double nelsen, now triple nelsen strikes (333/6)- at this rate, dead Nelsen could strike too

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