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Jinxed and Sphinxed – Old Egyptian curse or new Indian nazar lag gaye?

by bored cricket crazy indians

It’s not like Twitter, where if you follow somebody they will follow you. Here at BCCi when we follow somebody, the world starts to unfollow them. Or follow them for the wrong reasons.

Take Jatman for instance, he was taken away. No sooner that he became Jatman on March 11, this year, it all started to go awry – the Kiwi tour, IPL2, injury, T20 World, and injury again. In between there were some weird scenes with media and MS too.

But this was the least of it – Jatman was blue chip again. A dodgy season wasn’t going to hurt him anymore.

Not so for Cheteshwar Pujara. When he got a name-lift as Che he had a readymade poster and life ahead of him. IPL2 was waiting at his feet. Then the knee injury (within weeks of baptism) knocked him over. No IPL, out of action for 6 months. The only silver lining, if you can call it that, he didn’t play for the Knight Riders. That would have knocked the daylights out of him.

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