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The week it was…

by RajaB

Strange last 7 days it has been for world cricket. There have been certain things that happened which nobody could ever have imagined.

No, not Bangladesh blanking the duplicate Westindian team

Not the (latest) winningest position Pakistan are at, from where they could scrape through some dead rubber

Not England, not Freddie, not Achilles or Pietersen and not anything at all to do with the elated English cricket establishment.

Oh, all the not’ would be naught’ if I forgot to mention that I am not talking about Ponting’s humility accepting a defeat

So what am I talking about ?

There was this ICC Centenary History Conference that happened in Oxford. There were some known names like Clive Lloyd, Sunil Gavaskar, Bob Willis, Angus Fraser & Ehsan Mani. Some not so known names like Roger Knight (Ex-Secretary MCC), David Richards(ICC’s first CEO), Rachael Heyhoe-Flint (Ex-England women’ captain), Charlotte Edwards & Ebony Rainford-Brent (current England women’ team), a group of journalists and one name which people in the cricketing cricles would run away from, Bishen Singh Bedi.

Bedi participated in a discussion (really ??) with Lloyd. The most surprising thing is that there is no mention of what Bedi spoke in this conference in any of the sites I searched for. I am sure Clive Lloyd outspoke the acerbic tongued Sardar.

Who would have imagined this ?

Well all this apart, who would have imagined that they would waste days discussing about the history of this great game in the last 100 years ?

Simple & uncomplicated history this great game is, one could finish telling the story in just three lines. Yes I am not joking.

“A game invented by the English

Played by champion Westindies & Australian teams (pepper it with other countries if you like !!)

Taken over completely by the Indian money managers”

Long live this great game !!

Long live the money & its Indian managers !!


Gaurav Sethi said...

I'm glad Bedi finds a mention, got me thinking abt this cookery show where his son was bending backwards to please Papa with prawn curry.

At least somebody tries to please Bedi.

RajaB said...

@NC: Cookery show is a double edged sword...

Whose career are they trying to prolong ??

Angad the actor or Bishen the ex-cricketer

It is a mockery show at the end !!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Angad didn't have a hope in hell -

"Papa, is it cooked fine"

Haaan, very good, ummm, well done my boy"

More like inventing Bishen the actor.

Naresh said...

I think they must be one bored bunch out there discussing history, No?

Angad is the name? It used to have something to do with Gavaskar right? Was it changed in the late seventies?

RajaB said...

@Naresh: It is the same guy... His name is Angad Gavasinder Singh Bedi) purportedly a combo of Gavaskar + Mohinder Amarnath). He was a left arm spinner too, of some repute if my sources are to be believed. But paid dearly for being Bishen's son and then branched out to the ramp and then films.